Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I need help!

And no, not just mental help. Can anyone tell me where to find/buy another slide hook for the louet s51? I was spinning Sunday night and it just snapped!

It looks like this:

Any help is appreciated just comment below!
(Seriously, the first person who can provide me with one or tell me where to find it will get a skein of handspun if you want. I needs my wheel!!!!!!!!!)

Got it: emailed to Louet and they are sending a replacement under warranty. The piece is called a flyer slider and a normally costs $3 a piece.


velmalikevelvet said...


try village spinning & weaving - they sell louet spinning wheel repair parts. looks like they have "Black Plasctic Flyer Orifice part (not shown)" for $15

good luck!!


Froggy said...

got it! Its called a flyer slider. I emailed Louet and since it is under warranty they are sending a replacement. Wheee!