Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just a little laugh to keep you going...

I walked into my bedroom yesterday and saw this:

According to my husband he has .... are you ready

"Sheep Apnea"

I admit, I laughed... it was funny. But wait, there is more. As my husband left the house a little while later he said "If he doesn't wear the mask at night he Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa's the whole time." My husband had just stepped outside so I did what any logical wife would do.... I closed the door. =P
Yes, I know I married a nut!


liz aka hobbledehoy said...

hahaha! that's too cute.

--Karen H said...

(Groan!) I don't dare show this to my hubby, as he'll probably try the same thing with my CPAP. Still, I'm giggling.

idyll hands said...

I think your husband and my boyfriend went to the same comedy school.


Handmade Sunshine said...

That's hilarious! My husband and I call putting on my c-pap "Getting Gonzo".