Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quitting the Multiple Venue Gig

For now....

I have a fascination with all things new and sparkly. Truth be told, I just have a fascination with sparkly things... forget the new. So, last November I came across this site called ArtFire. Since I had been on Etsy (darn near three years at that point) I remembered always hearing people say, don't put your eggs in one basket... don't put your eggs in one basket. I thought, "oooohhh... Shiny, ooohhhh Neat... ooohhhhh... I wanna touch."

And touch I did (not in a bad way). I talked to my husband and convinced him that this was the next big handmade site. This is the first site I had heard about and thought "They've got lots of potential and aren't just your runofthemill overnight coat-tail grabbers." I dove straight in and got my $7 verified for life. My husband said... "Give it 3 months." I said, "Ok," knowing all the time that I would have an excuse to keep the renewal going.

Lo and behold on the third month, I was laid off from my job. Sucks to be me you think. Nope, more reason to keep the ArtFire store open. I would have two places to sell my wares and more time to do it in. Yay me! I didn't even have to think. Well, until I did.

I started trying to keep a spreadsheet of all my sales and expenses and this is what I found out. $7 isn't alot, but its alot to someone with no daytime job, no investment money and a small leash. I don't have $84 dollars to see where they go in a year, I didn't have $28 to begin with, I just liked to think I did.

So yea, I'm keeping my eggs in one basket at the moment. It makes the best business sense for me and for my scale of business at this time. Besides, why not... the grocery store keeps my eggs in the same styrofoam carton and it's rare that they ALL break.

I'm keeping my eyes open though......

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Handmade Sunshine said...

I too have been struggling with the same question, should I continue on Artfire or put everything back on Etsy? The first few days were good for hits to the shop, but since then, nothing at all. I'm about to make the same decision you did for about the same reasons.

I hope things start going better for you on Etsy.