Saturday, May 23, 2009

Look at my scars, I'm really really brave!

Isn't that generally what warriors consider marks of pride? Well, I don't know what type of scar I will have but I thought I would show off the initial battle damage.

I had surgery to correct carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist. I am predominantly right handed, used the mouse with my right hand and regularly used a ten key calculator at my former place of employment. Due to all the factors, regardless of being laid off, my former employer is responsible for my pain (and suffering.. but that's another story and they actually aren't responsible for the mental suffering but sometimes I think they should be... =P)

So, after months and months of waiting to find out what can be done to correct this.... the workers comp people finally approved my surgery.
Typing is tiresome because I am back to pecking the way I did before I had two corporate, manual entry style jobs. Also, the problem with this blogging is that I tend to go with stream of thought and my hands can't keep up. Well, I always thought quicker than my fingers can type but this is almost painful. (Thank goodness times two for spell check.) Here is a side ways view of my arm. I'll have to keep this short... maybe stick to Twitter for a few days, I dunno. Luckily, the percentage of improvement is high statistically and once the initial pain goes away I should be able to do just about everything I normally do even with the bandage wrapping still on. I mean everything from knitting to crocheting to sewing. Okay, I can't dye any since my wrist can't get wet but its only a few days till I can. Wish me lots of patience that I don't try to over extend my wrist/hand the next couple of days. Once I'm healed though.. watch out, I'm taking this hand for a workout. (Get yer minds outta the gutter!)


staceyrebecca said...

Well my mind wasn't in the gutter until....but well, yeah now it is. ;)

I hope your wrist-hand feels better!

EverImprovingMe said...

I will light a candle for you and hope you heal quickly!