Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ALL FIXED... kinda.

So I don't want to bore anyone with the details of getting stitches pulled out after carpal tunnel surgery. I will say... yes, you can feel them being removed... and it stings!
However, since I didn't bore you with those details, I will instead gross you out with up close images of the surgeried area. Is that a word, no... well pretend it is.

Here is a how my wrist look immediately after having the stitch removed. (Well, after we got home....) That my friend is the extent of the cleaning they did. Apparently those moist towelettes you get at the chicken wing joint is cleaning enough err... just add alcohol.

This is how my hand looks now that I have been able to wash it (first time since the surgery) and let it air dry.

I have to go back in 4 weeks to make sure the tenderness has gone away and that I will not have to do any physical therapy. Until then all I have to do is use it like normal typing, knitting, sewing etc as long as I don't lift anything over 1b and massage the area at the crook of the hand to relieve swelling.
So... I guess that's it. I promise not to have anymore gross out photos of scars in the future. Mostly cause I don't plan to have anymore.


Amanda said...

a weird feeling is coming over me and it feels familiar - oh yeah I'm about to pass out! Sorry you had to have surgery but it hopes in the long run. Jenn sent me your Etsy link - love your stuff!

Amanda said...

I mean hope the surgery helps in the long run. And we're just now fixin' (that's a word in GA) the gin and tonics.