Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I've Been Reading

About a week ago my family and I went to the library. My husband went with TheBoy to find children's books he would be interested in and I walked to the adult reading section. Our main mission was to find a book on renter's rights to make sure we weren't being screwed over in our current living arrangement. There are tons of tiny things wrong with the house but we can live with most of it. Then there are things we are not sure we should have to. Mainly, our neighbors have recently created a fuss about one of the other rental houses and we just want to make sure we stay on the up and up.

Once we found the most recent Nolo book to cover our needs, I immediately went to browse the business and craft sections. (I swear they are so close that they should just be the crafty business section!) I found tons of books that I hope will be helpful but I was particularly surprised by finding Craft, Inc at the library. So I grabbed up a bunch of books and the Craft, Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco and made my way to the check out.

As an adult I haven't been much of a reader. Occasionally I will grab book to read but I rarely finish them. However, I am happy to say that I sat down and read this book over a few days. I found the information useful for people in multiple crafts. I was seriously hesitant when I first heard of the book. (Keep in mind I am reading this a couple of years since it was issued. I tend to be a bit behind the times on my reading list.)

Overall I enjoyed the book. I think that it has great and easy to read advice for the small business craftperson. I admit, there was one or two subjects I skipped over but it was no more than 3-4 pages total. Definitely light, friendly reading that has helped me gain some perspective. I wish more craft books were this easy to digest.
(Of course, this post was 4 days in the making as I started May 10th and have suffered some bad writers block. Since then, I am almost through reading Made from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich.)

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