Saturday, May 16, 2009

Writing and Working

Sometimes I find it difficult to find topics that I believe others will find interesting. Even though that is not necessarily the point of a blog I have difficulties writing about things if I think no one would be interested. That's the primary reason this blog will go 7-10 days without a post. It's a crap reason, but its a reason. I try to break myself of this habit as I am at the computer everyday without fail. I chat in the Etsy forums, I stare at my Etsy shop, I tweet away on twitter. I mean I am literally and without fail on the computer but for the most part it is a time suck. Productivity is a far and distant place in my life right now but totally something that needs to come visit and stay for a long time real soon.

One thing I have made progress on is applying for employment. Problem is most of it is out of state and I just don't believe people are taking me seriously. Seriously, you can send all the resumes you want but when unemployment is at an all time high since the Great Depression (or whereabouts) I'm less likely to convince an employer to higher me from way across the country. My current state is 1 - 1.5% higher than the unemployment rate for the nation. The state I'm looking at moving to is about 1% lower than the national average. The rate of new (legitimate) job postings for my state is maybe 15 a day, none in a reasonable range of my experience. The rate of postings for my possible future state is like 35-40 per day at least 5-6 of which includes positions utilitzing my most recent work experience.

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