Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Working, Working, Working....

At least, that's is what I try to believe I am doing. I spent approximately a week long period being ill. It was just a summer cold but being uninsured can make any cold feel longer than it needs to be. Early this month I got started on a custom blanket for my mom. She has several co-worker in various states of pregnancy. When we went to visit my parents back in July she asked me to make three blankets in the same soft materials I made the yellow and white one. She just wanted three blankets, 2 girl blankets and one boy blanket by the end of September. Of course that makes you feel like you have a little time but in reality you don't. So then Mom calls up at the beginning of August and says, "one of the babies is due end of this month." Okay I say... "I will work on the blanket now." Which is fine even though I need more content for the market this month. But guess what? a week later Mom calls up and says. "The baby came early... she was born on Sunday." ARGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! So now its super crunch time.

But needless to say... I have pics!

I really dig these colors and I am not even a fan of pink. Lovely! =D

I'm a little further along now but technically I said I would be done by Wednesday. Something about talking to my family makes me overestimate my abilities...... Hopefully by Thursday's knitting group. *fingers crossed*

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Sandy & the sheep said...

what a pretty blanket! Lucky baby! I think I work better under a deadline- I must because I ALWAYS am working like a fiend at the last minute.... ??