Friday, September 4, 2009

Protege and Knifty Thrifties

Yesterday I didn't get much spinning done for the September Challenge. What I did do was spend some time attempting to teach my son how to spin on a wheel. He previously tried spinning on the spindle which was moderately successful. We both tend to have short leashes on failure and frustration so the spindle went to the wayside. However, the other day he expressed an interest in learning to spin on the wheel. So yesterday we worked a little on treadling and then on trying to add the twist to the fiber. (Okay, we actually did some "drafting" but we will have to come back to that later.) At the end I had him practice his treadling some more. 30 -40 minutes was all we spent working on it but we will try again today. Short lessons are definitely best for our collective temperaments.

Outside of the yarn challenge I wanted to share my recently thrifty finds. Okay Okay... really its another eagle-eyed husband find and some books. While running some errands we stopped by the local Goodwill in town to see what type of items they had available. As we were passing by the normal section of goods my husband turned me into an aisle and said "Look, isn't that one of those knitting things?"

Sure enough he had found a Knifty Knitter Loom at the Goodwill. Even better, it was only $2 bucks, the complete loom set and came with instructions. After securing our purchase, we moseyed over to the GoodBooks Cafe to browse. I went to my normal craft and hobbies section but didn't expect anything. Usually the books in the craft section are old and not very useful but I got a great surprise this time. Two relatively recent knitting books in hand and a knifty knitty loomy thingy. Not sure what to do with the loom since I know how to knit already but I always wanted one so... there you have it. A little spinning, a little knitting, a little reading and a little thrifty adventure.

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Kate said...

My kids are both fascinated with my spinning wheel - but not quite old enough to try it out. (5 and 2)

Congrats on your fantastic thrifty finds!

AlpacaFarmgirl said...

What a FUN mom you are! Your son is a lucky boy.

I am having a time trying to learn to spin. They say it's easier to learn for kids than adults.