Saturday, December 12, 2009

My first sweater

Well, for my first post back after being AWOL I decided to show you a work in progress.

This is the Baby Belle designed by Cosette of Cosymakes. I have never ever knitted a sweater before so I am working really hard to do it right and per pattern. On that thought, I have never knitted anything to pattern before. Well, my socks, but I was walked through it week by week with the creator before I ever knew there was a written pattern. So this is really important to me. I'm even willing to frog back things if I make a mistake. (none to date that I know of though.) I must say I am quite impressed. Many people suggested that when I do my first sweater I make it a baby sweater because it will be quicker and easier and you will see the progress sooner. Boy were they correct. I can see this developing along as I knit and love it, even if the colors don't match the way I imagined they would. Don't worry, I will post more pictures when this cutey is complete.

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Anonymous said...

oooh! can't wait to see yours :) very exciting.