Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, I haven't written over a month and there is almost no excuse for that. Several times I wanted to write but it just didn't happen...

Okay... to be honest there is an perfectly valid excuse. I lost my internet connection. It's not unknown... or at least I think its not unknown that I was laid off from my job in February 09. That said money is tight... it was before the job cut and it definitely is now. However, I try not to bore people to often with my trials and tribulations. I leave the earful to my husband (who in his own right is headed into crazy with all this.)

I just wanted to pop in to let everyone know that I now have a reliable internet connection and I will proceed to start making posts again. I've already got one in mind for the next couple of days it just depends on how this shopping trip goes tomorrow.

So... that being said, how are you? I missed talking to my friends via Etsy, Twitter and Facebook and would love to catch up. I hope all of you are doing well as we end this fabulous year. =D

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