Sunday, February 21, 2010


Because sometimes there is nothing better to say. Just wanted to quickly post about my new wheel. This weekend my family and I traveled back to Atlanta to purchase my second wheel. I had a second wheel, but with being in a small house I really needed to something that was good for both bulky and thin in one wheel. So here we have the Fricke Double Treadle.

I read tons of good reviews and talked with fellow fiberista KnittinKbyAB aka Adrian. She was very sweet and answered all my questions. This is my second "sight unseen" purchase. I know that people always say you should try your wheels first but that's not always possible. However, I really believe you can at least get a really good start if you do your research. Sure, if you can try before you buy... totally do it. If you can't, just ask around and make sure you are getting well balanced opinions regarding what matters to you in a wheel. (If your new there are tons of places for advice, one that I just ran across via Ravelry is Abby's Yarns. She hits on several great points, especially for the newbie wheel buyer.)
I'm really excited. I have a few knitting projects I am working on but a couple of them will be taking a back burner so I can get more spinning in!

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velmalikevelvet said...

congratulations! a new wheel + inspiration = productive!

thanks for swingin' by my blog & commenting this morning, too!