Monday, February 15, 2010

Thoughts of Sewing

I purchased my very first sewing machine roughly this time last year so I think its so appropos that I have purchased my first real and focused sewing book this year. Not that I didn't have resources. My mother in law gave me a ton of books on sewing and the Friends of the Library sale netted a cool Reader's Digest book on the subject. After a practice sewing session I even made my very own craft tote.... a year later it still doesn't have handles but who cares!

This book... I am so excited about finding this book. I always go to the crafty section of the local Barnes & Noble to see what's been added to the stock. Earlier in the week while we were just wasting time trying not to lay about the house my husband found a great little sewing book. I took a look and fell in love. The reason... simple, I want to make bags.

I practically sat down on the floor of the craft section to read this book. (Okay, I actually did...) I love how simple this book is and I really look forward to using it as a guide. My goal is to make simple lightweight totes that are cute and fun for craft projects. Simple. Lots of work but its not about the work. It's about the journey.

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