Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Phat Fiber, Yarn Everyday Month and 2 Questions

Hello! I have my roving all dyed for the April Phat Fiber sampler! I'm really excited and plan to make sure there are full size listings in the store. (Maybe I should do 2 ounce listings and offer custom requests on the colorways?) So... do you want a peek? It's probably too late now, You've seen the picture.

Now just to divide the roving up and label it. If I have time I may work up some yarn as well.

In other yarn news, Yarn Everyday Month is back. This year I am going to work really hard to get some yarn or fiber work in everyday. Last year I also tried to blog each day but it didnt really work after a few days. This year I can do it though. I have a new (to me) awesome Fricke spinning wheel and just under ten pounds of wool to work with. Plus I have fiber reactive dyes so I can handpaint milk fiber for the store now. I'm really rather excited to be honest.

So, I did a lot of typing on an earlier blog post so I'm trying to keep this one more to the point (and tons lighter!) But I have two questions that I would love assistance with.

1. I plan to sell at the local market again this year. I thought that it would be a good idea to have a few yarns that were multiples for people who don't want to be limited to smaller (70-150 yard) projects.

Currently I am spinning 3 ounce bundles to get the amounts close to the same yardage, aiming for 100 yards/piece. For the three skeins I have done 2 are 74 yds/piece and one in 102 yds before dyeing and setting the twist. I will probably bump it up to 4 ounce bundles so that I know I have 100 yards.

Originally my idea was to provide 3-4 different colorways that had 3 skeins each. Do you think this would be enough? Should I do more than 3 skeins of each color I offer? Would it be better to test the waters with only 2 colorways and have 4-5 skeins of each?

2. I am thinking of moving my blog back to wordpress ( because it would give me a better chance to monitor comments and reply. I like talking to everyone but I don't always want to reply back on the post. I really like sending back a personal email. Plus, I'm tired of it just sitting there unused! So, is there anyone knowledgeable about importing posts and themes? I need a cleaner nicer theme for wordpress that is easy to install and change the banner on. Is that too much to ask? (Ha! that was totally rhetorically but if you know, do tell!)

I will be forever indebted to you if you can help with either question. Thanks bunches!

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