Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a quickie....

Is that how you even spell quickie? 

So, I don't have any pictures to go with this post at the moment but I felt I needed to write something. I think it is because I am so enamored of the new layout I keep checking back to the blog just to look. Silly me.

Mostly, I am sort of doing informal brainstorming ideas for my little fiber world. Things in the bigger world may have just taken a turn for bad again, but nothing that can't be handled. We will definitely manage. So, I turn to my fiber world for a little bit and it both calms me and makes me scared and nervous and excitable. Hard emotions to have all at once. Since my job should slow down some (basically go from 40 hr/wk store set up to 15-20 hr/wk store's open) I really want to create a bit of a schedule for Froggy Fibers.
So here is my current thought. I will try to make and create yarns and fibers between working and attempt to list every other week. I once tried every week and that wasn't good for me. Naturally I can work out listing new things about once a month but that isn't good for business. So let's try the in between.
Only time will tell they say.

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