Monday, May 19, 2008

Fluff of the Gothic Nature

I swear I must have some fascination with Goth's and/or Royalty. I loosely carded this black merino and bag of fiberpuffs that I purchased from Knitch and all I could think of was variations on the name Royal Goth, Purple Goth, Gothic Royalty etc etc etc.... I really have to branch out some. Maybe inspiration will strike me and a new name will come into mind.

So, I carded these last night. A total of 11 batts in all. My carder is a Strauch Petite so its not really meant to card real bulky items. It will pull on the teeth and bend and break them. I just carefully turned the handle and when the fibers started to collect on the licker-in drum I took the bat off. One run through... thats it. If I wanted a nicely blended fiber then it would be put through several times. Fortunately there is no real need for that. The fiber puffs are made for good texture and tons of bulky.

Of course, by the time I was done with the carded I was ready for bed. I must be coming down with something. I left work early Friday feeling bad, had a sore throat Saturday, exhausted all day Sunday and woke up feeling pretty crappy today. Still, I dragged myself to work. Thats what you do when your sick and don't have much sick time and live in a one income family. You work. My Dad's always worked and my parents have been two income all my life so I guess I get my work ethics from him. Didn't help much since I ended up home today as well.

But seriously I am hoping to spin this up tonight or at least get started. I still have the Ashford Country that a friend in my spinning group loaned me. I asked if she would be interested in selling it so if all things work out it may be mine permanently. I also have my eye on purchasing a small floor loom. The price is right, the size not so much for living in an apartment. I feel bad though. I am totally ready to expense money that I don't need to. More than likely we can get something worked out on the wheel but I have my doubts on the loom. I've told my husband I still want to get the Sonata and a loom and its not just an "I want I want gimme gimme gimme" sort of thing. I really enjoy these things and there is always something new to learn about fiber arts. That's really what keeps me going. I love to learn and I like watching things change and experiencing how it changes. Even if you do the same project ten times, when you use different fiber, yarn, needle size etc... the project comes out a little different. I just really enjoy the why's and how's of things. That's probably the best way to put it. I'll leave it at that.

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