Wednesday, September 10, 2008


In what I would like to call an amazing feat... i.e a miracle... I finished with my knit hat. There was even plenty of yarn to spare. The reason there was plenty of yarn was due to the fact that I made the hat a wee bit to small for my head. Well, unless I like a snug beanie. I'm overall happy with the hat just sad that I can't wear it.

On the other hand, I have to count my triumphs.
(I like lists.)

1. First hat

2. First hat, using no pattern

3. First time decreasing the crown of a hat (yay for internet!)

4. First attempt with DPN's (and successful too!)

5. First (and potentially only) knit project finished in less than a week. (3- 4 days depending on if you include the start day or count forward from it.

So, just off the top of my head five good things for one bad. And I suppose its not all bad since my son was very excited about his new hat that his mom made for him. In fact, as I was on my way out the door to work he said, "Oh you finished your... I mean MY... hat." To which the only proper reply is that it is indeed MY hat, its just to small for me so "I am letting you wear it." Now I know why my mom used to say she could never have anything of her own. =P
(Apparently he didn't take it off all day.)

When I get some extra money I am hoping that I might commission a remake of that color scheme from the seller. I know it wont be quite the same "dyelot" but I figured with what I have left in yarn and another four ounces in roving to spin I could make an adult size hat to match. TheBoy would be over the moon if we had matching hats and TheMister probably couldn't stand to be around us all that much. Too bad for him.

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